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Indie Music Review – Jen Bye

I approved a comment for one of my posts the other day, while I needed a break in editing a video, I was working on. I was really kind of surprised, I’m going to say right up front, I love Jen Bye’s music and yes, I’d classify myself as a fan of her work. I’ve seen her perform live on many occasions and whenever, I have to go across the desert to California I make a point of going to see her perform. Yes, I have scheduled meetings based on when Jen and other indie artists that I enjoy are performing, in what ever city my meetings take me to.

In my post I was made a point of two wildly different extremes. Signing Paris Hilton to a recording contract and signing Jen Bye to a recoding contract. Read the original post here, I’m just glad Jen took my comparison in the spirit it was intended and found it amusing. So, much so she posted it to her my space blog page. I’ll make no secret that I’m a huge fan of real indie music. I even go out of my way to promote indie music and artists to the point of giving my CD’s to friends and businesses contacts that like the music from the artist, I just go and purchase the CDs again while at a show or from I’ve lost count on how many copies of Jen’s CDs I’ve given away over the past few years. Right now in fact I have to buy another copy of Jen’s new CD “Less Than Perfect For This World”, I gave my copy to a friend that fell in love with it, after listening to it, while it was playing in my office. I enjoy spreading my love of indie music far and wide and to everyone that listens.

A truly incredible talented writer, singer and artist, is the best way to describe Jen Bye. Her music is fresh, real and performed with passion. The tracks of her CDs are clean, well mixed, they retrain an energy that is reflected in Jen’s live performances. I don’t believing in comparisons that one artist is like another, has each artists is different and what I might get from it you may get something different from it. Like comparing Andy Warhol to Monet. While both are famous artists with many classic works. Jen and her music is more akin to Monet then Andy Warhol. I think Claude Oscar Monet would enjoy the comparison and agree as much as some of you will, no doubt.

Jen Bye’s new CD “Less Than Perfect For This World” is a refreshing breath of artistically passion that weave a journey through Jen’s soul and passions. Listening to the tracks on the CD is a journey that might show you something about yourself. As for the appeal of Jen’s music, you’d be pleased to know that Jen attracts music lovers of all ages and her shows are a tribute to her wide appeal. I’ve had friends that I’ve given her CDs to tell me, that their kids fond the CD listen to it and then put Jen’s music tracks on there iPods. Most people that have fallen in love with Jen’s music from a CD that I’ve past along may never get the opportunity to see Jen perform in person but, they do become enlightened to the world of indie music in a very real and amazing way.

While you’re picking up “Less Than Perfect For This World” don’t forget to grab a copy of her first disc “Jen Bye”. As an independent artist buying Jen’s CDs and going to see her show supports Jen and doesn’t go to support the profits of the multinational Record Labels that squeeze the artists to enhance their bottom line.

Learn more about Jen Bye and her music at


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  1. Wow…. is someone paying you??? Thanks so much for this review!!

    peace & mysteries…

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